Wetaskiwin Co-op Food Store Closing

May 15, 2019
Wetaskiwin Co-op Food Store Closing

After five years of significant losses and trying to make the Co-op food store a viable operation the Wetaskiwin Co-op has made a decision to close it. 


“The Wetaskiwin Co-op acquired the Sobeys food store on April 22, 2014.  This Sobeys store was scheduled to close so when the Co-op was approached to take this store over the Co-op felt that they owed it to the community to try and make this store sustainable” said Allan Halter, General Manager of the Wetaskiwin Co-op.


Throughout the 5 years that the Co-op operated their food store there were a number of challenges that were faced.  “We were in a small rented facility, the store had old equipment that required significant investment, we were not in an ideal location and we just couldn’t generate the amount of sales that we needed to be viable” said Halter.  


The Wetaskiwin Co-op has had a 102-year history in the community.  The last 5 years in the food business has been an effort to maintain a service that just isn’t sustainable.


“The losses that we have suffered are not sustainable in the short term and certainly not in the long term” said Halter.


One of our first concerns when making this decision was the impact that it would have on our food store team members.  We will be working closely with our food team members to assist them through this transition and we wish to extend a sincere thank-you to them for their commitment to Wetaskiwin Co-op and to our member customers.


From all of us at the Wetaskiwin Co-op food store we wish to thank you in advance for your understanding of what has been an extremely tough decision and the support you have given us over the past 5 years at this location.  Our last day of operation at the food store will be June 30, 2019 or when inventory runs out.


For more information contact:

Allan Halter

General Manager

Wetaskiwin Co-op Ltd.